144-hour visa-free transit and 15-day visa-free entry for foreigners are planned to be implemented in Shekou Port, Shenzhen, China

Yesterday, February 23, 2022, the Chinese media published the new "Five-Year Plan for the Development of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Shenzhen".

One of the points of this plan is to build a pilot zone for the development of cruise tourism in China, actively develop cruise tourism and yacht tourism, increase the number of international liner routes, and "strongly strive to implement a 144-hour visa-free transit policy for foreigners and a 15-day visa-free entry policy for foreign tourist groups on cruise ships in the port of Shekou.


Shenzhen will take the lead in building a cultural and sports tourism consumption system to stabilize growth and promote development, including increasing the supply of cultural and sports tourism overnight consumer goods, and building national-level cultural and tourism consumption night clusters, such as cultural and OCT creative park, Shekou area, etc.


Although there are no reports of a change in the current visa policy in Shenzhen in general and in the port of Shekou in particular. The easing of visa requirements is planned to be done in the next five-year period, until 2027, but on the condition that all restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic in the world will be lifted.