Why durian, the king of fruits, on tropical Hainan is more expensive than in other provinces of China

Because durian does not grow in China, it is imported from Thailand, but Hainan does not have durian imported directly from Thailand, currently only fresh durian from Thailand is allowed to import into China, the other durian is either counterfeit or smuggled.  


Haikou Nanbei Fruit Market is the largest fruit wholesale center in Hainan, where you can evaluate the supply and demand in the durian market. According to the relevant person in charge of market management, there are 8 firms working with wholesale import supplies of durians, of which 4 firms carry out wholesale sales of durian on a long-term basis. According to management statistics, the volume of transactions in the durian market has been growing since July, while the average daily turnover is about 1400 kg.


Some branded fruit retailers and large supermarkets have their own supply chain, and the Sanya Xinhonggang fruit wholesale market, which has become more popular in recent years, also takes a certain amount.


There are no durian plantations in China, it is imported from Southeast Asia, and Hainan is located not far from the countries of Southeast Asia. Why there is no low price for durian on Hainan? The fruit manager in the north and south of Hainan said durian in Hainan is not imported directly, but from wholesale fruit markets in Guangdong and Guangxi. All four fruit suppliers in the wholesale fruit market in the north and south come from the wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Jiangnan in Guangzhou. The price of durian is high, it is not easy to store, as a rule, stocks are sold on the same day, and storage is not performed. Compared to other provinces, Hainan durian fruit traders will naturally have higher wholesale prices.


A number of Haikou customs data confirms this statement: at the moment, Hainan enterprises did not import fresh durian from Thailand, there is only one customs clearance for imported frozen durian at Meilan Airport. Durian, imported from Thailand, usually enters the Chinese market through customs ports in Guangdong, Guangxi, Ningbo, Tianjin and other places, and then sent to other provinces.


  The relevant person in charge of customs in Haikou recalled that at present, China only allows the import of fresh durian from Thailand, while other countries do not Qualified for fresh durian access. If the public is faced with the sale of fresh durians from Malaysia and other countries, this is either counterfeit or smuggling, and they are all suspected of violating the relevant laws and regulations of China.