Electricity use statistics in Hainan Island, China

China Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Company announced that Haainan Province is successfully recovering from the epidemic. Influenced by many factors, such as intra-provincial travel, uniform load regulation, Hainan Electric's power generation and reception have doubled, and the electricity consumption of the whole society has reached the opposite growth.


He Yongqi, deputy head of the electricity distribution division of the Hainan Electric Grid Corporation's Electricity Dispatch Center, presented that during the Spring Festival, Hainan's power balance surplus was 1.35 million kilowatts, and the power supply was sufficient and stable.


Statistics show that the number of tourists in the province increased rapidly in 2020, which is fully reflected in the sharp rise in electricity consumption data. Electricity demand in Hainan Province has gradually increased after a slight decline, and the total load, generation and reception of electricity have increased compared to 2020. As of February 16, maximum load increased by 7.08% year on year, minimum load increased by 15.03% year on year, and electricity consumption increased by 5.14% year on year. Liu Fei, head of sales for the marketing department, said the province's electricity sales in 2021 are expected to grow 20.02% year on year.


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