Most of the slot machines in the Sanya and Haikou shopping centers cheat on players

Over the past two years, all kinds of slot machines in the Sanya and Haikou shopping centers have attracted a large number of players. Many people who like to pull out toys in slot machines may have this experience: the claws position is very perfect, but toys cannot be caught and they fall halfway through.


The Consumer Protection Division of the Municipal Market Supervision Administration of Sanya, Hainan Province conducted an investigation and found that, on average, 35 coins were needed — 35 yuan to pull out one toy, the purchase price of which was from 3 to 5 yuan.


It is estimated that the owner of the gaming machine in shopping malls Sanya and Haikou need no more than three months in order to recoup all the costs of the purchase and maintenance of the gaming machine. For example, in the entertainment hall of Sanya Jinrun Sunshine Shopping Plaza there are at least 50 colorful slot machines that attract many children and young people to “try their hand”.


The manufacturer of these gaming machines from Shanghai reported that the stiffness of steel claws can be adjusted manually, this function was originally developed to capture toys of different sizes and weights, but very often the owners of gaming machines use this function to deceive players.


The relevant person in charge of the Consumer Protection Division of the Sanya Municipal Market Supervision Administration says that there is currently no clear rule that the probability of seizure should be disclosed to the public, or the probability should be within a certain range, so the seller cannot be punished.


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