The toilet revolution took place in Haikou on Hainan, China in 2019

Since July 2019, Haikou on Hainan Island has been conducting special rectification of public toilets throughout the city - to date, the city of Haikou has assessed and supervised 479 public toilets (243 sanitary and 236 public public toilets) and monitored 960 cases of correction of public toilets.


 In order to carry out civilized activities to create and further optimize the urban and rural environment, the Haikou City Administration since July 2019 began to carry out special works on cleaning public toilets in Haikou, in accordance with the general requirements of the “Special Plan for the Restoration of Public Toilets in Haikou.”


As part of a special remedial action, the city of Haikou requires that all window units strictly follow the requirements of the Sanitary Standards of the Public Toilet and Provincial Public Toilet Management Measures in Hainan to improve the management of public toilets so that the management of public toilets can achieve “ six, four nets and three links ”, namely: without sediment, without water on the floor, without mosquitoes, odorless, without urinary alkali, without stool overflow, clean land, without cockroaches. Each public toilet is equipped with a special facial cleansing system and certification.


Currently, the sanitary and hygienic conditions in public toilets have been significantly improved in the main commercial districts of Haikou, densely populated areas, tourist areas, airports, railway stations, terminals, hospitals, etc.


The relevant person in charge of the Haikou City Garden and Environmental Health Administration said the next step would be to further strengthen supervision. All competent departments should strengthen inspection, control and management of public toilets, fulfill basic responsibilities, establish an improved level of management and a clear service concept, implement a strict and severe punishment mechanism and really achieve a “reasonable layout, full equipment and a visible orientation”.


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