Shanghai announces plan to reopen small and medium-sized businesses

On May 19, 2022, the 188th New Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference was held in Shanghai, where it was indicated that Shanghai has requested industrial departments at all levels to step up efforts to listen to the opinions and requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on solving problems, and guide and promote orderly activities towards the resumption of work, production and recovery of enterprises, including small and medium-sized ones.


Although the number of enterprises that have resumed work and production is expanding, the absolute number is still only a small part. The main reason is that in the early stage of the epidemic stalemate, it is very important whether the enterprise can meet the high standards of epidemic prevention requirements.


In the next phase, Shanghai will continue to adhere to the overall planning for epidemic prevention and control, as well as economic and social development. Shanghai not only actively encourages and supports the reopening of enterprises, but also emphasizes that the pace of reopening and production will need to closely follow the improvement of the overall epidemic prevention situation. Work and production can be resumed upon request and confirmation.


In the first stage, until the end of May, the enterprise mainly uses a closed or semi-closed cycle, and the main management methods include closed production and operation, spot resumption of work (meaning a small number of employees in key positions in non-production enterprises, such as issuing documents, research and development, operation, maintenance and other positions, based on compliance with epidemic prevention regulations.


In the second phase (starting from the beginning of June), according to the epidemic prevention and control situation in Shanghai, the resumption of work and production will be accelerated in depth, the volume of enterprises to resume work will continue to expand, and normal traffic between enterprises and people will be opened. points in areas without epidemic danger.