Website and online store promotion in search engines in Moscow and the Moscow region

Created: 06 September 2021

LLC "PRAGMA" specializes in the promotion of sites and online stores in search engines, the leading positions in which are very important for the stable sale of goods and services of your company. In order for PRAGMA LLC to start working on promoting your site, our employees need to receive an application from you and evaluate your site, then we select a list of basic requests, conclude an agreement with your company and start, in the process of promoting your site, we try to the site was among the lucky ones in the TOP of search engines.


In the process of promoting and promoting your site or online store in search engines, our employees independently take the necessary changes to your site to increase its position in the TOP of search engines, so that the maximum number of your visitors turns into your customers, in the process of carrying out activities to promote your site , we: -reduce the bounce rate of your website or online store; -improving the selling qualities of your website or online store; -Constantly adding new SEO queries for your website or online store; -We carry out an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct during the period of promoting your website or online store; - we attract additional traffic for your website or online store; Our system for promoting your website or online store does not depend on any human and time factor, and our method of promoting your site or online store takes into account all the necessary parameters of the search engine promotion of your site or online store in Moscow or the Moscow region.


The first and most important stage of internal SEO-optimization of the site at PRAGMA LLC is the implementation of technical improvements. As a rule, this procedure is carried out before the start of website promotion and only once, then some technical components may be corrected. Technical improvements, or technical optimization of a site at PRAGMA LLC is a set of works designed to adjust the technical aspects of the site in order to improve its interaction with search engine robots. The main goal of site optimization is to ensure the most complete and fast indexing of pages.


Without such measures, effective website promotion may become impossible or difficult. Making technical changes on the site is the task of PRAGMA LLC specialists who have the relevant knowledge and experience. If unskilledly tampered with the code, the site may become completely inoperative. The cost of all our services for the promotion of a website and an online store at PRAGMA LLC is from 30 thousand rubles - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.