New innovative implants for glaucoma began to be installed in the Hainan Boao Lecheng international medical tourism zone

The Hainan International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone Administration Boao Lecheng announced that the latest glaucoma implants manufactured by Singapore-based medical device company Xinze Ophthalmology were installed in Lecheng a few days ago.


The first implantation in China was performed in the pilot area of ​​the city. The product is used for moderate to severe glaucoma, can effectively reduce high intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients, and can also reduce the patient's postoperative treatment. Glaucoma implants were approved by the European CE in 2018, and a large amount of clinical data confirms the effectiveness and safety of the product. The first clinical application in the Lecheng Experimental Zone was carried out by an expert from the Ophthalmology Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University. During the operation, 3 specialists from the UK and Singapore provided remote online counseling.


The diameter of the glaucoma implant is soft, easy to implant, easy to suture and adjust the flow rate. If follow-up of the intraocular pressure lowering effect is good, it may become a priority product for glaucoma surgery in the future, and the treatment phase may also be advanced. Glaucoma implants have been reported to have successfully completed more than 3,000 surgeries in 26 countries and regions. The treatment effect in Asian countries is relatively satisfactory. It can effectively reduce high intraocular pressure in patients with moderate to severe glaucoma and shorten postoperative treatment.


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