You can’t move the mask up or down - how to properly remove a protective mask before testing for coronavirus in China

Chinese experts on the fight against coronavirus reminded that it is not recommended to lift the mask up or down to expose only the mouth during nucleic acid testing.


The correct way to remove the face shield is to remove the mask by holding the ear straps and avoid touching the inside of the mask with your hands. Properly store the removed mask so as not to contaminate the inside of the protective mask, and put on the mask in time after the test. When you move the protective mask down or up, the inside of this mask may become contaminated, including viruses that were previously on the unprotected parts of your face below or above. If you touch or soil the inside of the mask, replace this mask with a new protective mask in time.


At the same time, Chinese experts recalled that, given the weather conditions, the general public can choose a relatively light and thin disposable medical mask in an open room and non-staff environment. It should be noted that normal gauze or sunscreen masks are not protective, and masks that meet the standards must be purchased from ordinary stores, on our website, we have posted the 5 standards for protective masks in China earlier on our website.


 If you need to wear the mask for a long time, apply moisturizer to the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, ears and other parts before wearing to reduce friction between the mask and skin and reduce facial wrinkles.