It is prohibited to bring to Sanya and Haikou on the island of Hainan, China: animals, meat, dairy products, eggs, oil, fruits and vegetables - the list of customs

Haikou Customs, Hainan Province, China reported that from 2019, the customs service on Hainan Island uses a comprehensive “man + machine + dog” inspection system to increase the number of checks of flights and mail from the main areas of the epidemic are animal.


Customs Haikou, Hainan Province, China reports that the following are prohibited to the Hainan Island:


-Live animals (except dogs and cats), including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates, the genetic material of animals.


- (raw or cooked) meat (including organs) and its products, products from aquatic animals.


Milk and dairy products of animal origin, including raw milk, fresh milk, yogurt, cream of animal origin, butter, cheese and other dairy products.


- Eggs and their products, including eggs, canned eggs, salted eggs, egg liquid, eggshell, mayonnaise and other products that are the source of eggs.


-Bird's nest (except for canned bird's nest).


- Butters and fats, skins, hair, hooves, bones, horns and their products.


- Feed of animal origin (including meat, bone meal, fish meal, whey powder, blood meal and other single foods), Chinese herbal medicines of animal origin, animal fertilizers.


-Fresh fruits and vegetables.


- Tobacco leaves (excluding tobacco).


-Seeds (seedlings), seedlings and other plant materials with reproductive ability.


- Biological materials such as pathogens, poisonous species and other animal and plant pathogens, pests and other harmful organisms, cells, tissues of organs, blood and their products.


- animal ears, animal specimens and animal waste.


-The soil


-Genetically modified materials and organisms.


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