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Almost 50 hotels on the island of Hainan, China use "Smart Travel" in cooperation with Alibaba

Scanning documents, entering mobile phone numbers, just 30 seconds to complete registration, now not only do not need to pay documents at the front desk, but also can be accommodated in 50 hotels in Hainan Island in Sanya and Haikou without deposits- new convenience for tourists to enjoy smart travel to hotels in Hainan.

So the new tourist brand Alibaba Feifei held a new technology exchange conference in Haikou, where it was told about the testing of Smart Travels for the first time on Hainan Island in Hainan Zhongdu Hotel in the whole spectrum of lending, self-control and face recognition technology.

And now almost 50 hotels in Hainan use "Smart Travel" in cooperation with Alibaba in order to promote a more lenient development of the Hainan tourism industry with the help of new technologies and further improve the satisfaction and safety of tourists through such measures as lending and self-sufficiency.

Hainan is an important base for the Alibaba Corporation's implementation of the globalization strategy. Building on the achievements of Alibaba Corporation, Hainan hopes to create a new experience for the Hainan International Islands of intelligent tourism through the intellectual expansion of the company's capabilities.

In 2017, compared to the previous year, domestic flights to Hainan increased by 15%, and the number of foreign flights to Hainan increased by 51%. In the future, Alibaba will work with the island of Hainan from hotels to excursions to make tourism in this popular place in Hainan better and better.


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