Wenchang strives to become the third city of Hainan, China in popularity among tourists - development statistics

The Wenchang Tourism Bureau reported that today there are 4 scenic spots of level 3A in Wenchang City. In the first half of 2019, the total number of tourists in Wenchang amounted to 1,730,500 people, which is 8.2% more compared to the same period last year.


In the first half of 2019, Wenchang city focused on promoting tourism - from culture to food, from picturesque places to beautiful villages, deepening cultural tourism resources, using the tourism + model, drawing up new development plans and much more.


In recent years, to ensure that the quality of the ecological environment can only improve and cannot deteriorate, the Wenchang Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government is firmly committed to the concept of “Green Water and Green Mountain”, since the creation of an ecological environment is a source of vital interests of people. As a key objective, the project set a goal of combating water pollution in rivers (lakes) for three years, and drew up an environmental policy that was implemented during the construction of a network of urban and rural sewer pipes and water purification   bad smell and restoration of the marine environment. A large amount of fruitful work accelerated the development of the qualitative development of ecological civilization.


Since 2017, Wenchang City has invested 450 million yuan in the construction of a city sewer network, and also built or reconstructed a sewer pipe network of approximately 59.47 kilometers. In 2018, the level of centralized treatment of domestic wastewater in Wenchang city reached 87.03%.


A comprehensive project to improve the ecological state of water in Lake Siadong was an excellent hallmark of the ecological civilization of Wenchang, the city of Wenchang systematically managed the rivers Wenchang, Wenqing and Gangweigou. Over time, some wastewater in the Gaolongwan area was discharged directly into the sea, causing environmental problems such as dirty beaches and deteriorating coastal waters. Wenchang City has already completed a project to intercept and merge wastewater in the Qingyi area, mainly selling domestic wastewater in the Gaolongwan area. Coverage and complete collection solved the problem of mixed runoff of rain and sewage and marine discharges.


At the end of July 2018, Wenchang City published the “Wenchang City Aquaculture Beach Planning” for environmental restoration work in Fengjiang. To date, the beach has been repaired by almost 3.5 kilometers, and 5,000 have been planted along the coastline. casuarina trees and 4000 coconut seedlings. Guanpo Lake Integrated Park is located next to Wenchang High-Speed ​​Railway Station, and Wenchang Avenue will be divided into two sections. Among them the western block starts from the main road of Wenchang Railway Station in the west and stretches along the strip between Changping and Changsheng roads to Avenue Wenchang, the eastern block adjoins the food city and the upper reaches of the Wenchang River. In the area of ​​planned land use, agricultural land, forest land, wetlands and ponds currently dominate.


The relevant person in charge of Wenchang's municipal government said that Wenchang has a deep cultural heritage and the Wenchang High-Speed ​​Railway Station area is a key area of ​​urban development. A good ecological environment is of great importance for improving the urban space, improving the tourist image and ensuring the healthy and sustainable development of the city.