Moving to Turkey in 2022: getting a residence permit, bank account, renting a house, looking for a job

You can now get to Turkey from Russia by flights of Turkish Airlines. as well as Azur Air today resumed flights to Turkey and back from Russia.


The most popular option for foreigners to stay in Turkey is to apply for a tourist "residence permit" (permit) based on a rental agreement.


To do this, you need: a tax number, a Turkish SIM card, a rental agreement, insurance, a bank account, biometric photos and a completed application form. Documents are all easy to assemble - everything can be done in one day. The application for a residence permit is sent online.


From March 2022, in order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey, an account in a Turkish bank must be mandatory. The money in the bank account must be in the amount calculated as follows: 6300 lira per month - for the head of the family, plus 4300 lira per month for each family member.


All money in the bank account must remain on deposit until the end of the residence permit (or the deposit must be constantly replenished). Since March 2022, a primary residence permit has not been given for a year longer, so for newcomers it is 6 months * 6300.


To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, you must bring a lease agreement certified by a notary (you can fit in with friends) for the duration of the residence permit.

The cost of renting housing for six months in Turkey is about 5 thousand dollars with agency and deposit. Therefore, not every foreigner will be able to stay in Turkey, since March 2022, normal apartments began to rent from 6,000 liras, and in 2021 the average price was about 3,000 liras.


The option of a quick departure to Turkey is still possible. But you need to understand that to some extent you can get into a vicious circle with banks: the same Ziraat bank is less willing to open accounts for Russians if there is no residence permit. And for a residence permit you need a bank account.


In places more remote from big cities, there is no such problem yet and you can go there. Antalya is already at risk both for banks and for receiving documents from Russians. The less popular the resort place in Turkey in winter, the easier it is to settle there. Therefore, you can throw your eyes on smaller cities.


Be prepared for the fact that you have to pay rent for six months in advance + agency + deposit. You can search for housing on the sahibinden website (there is also an application), but, again, be prepared for the fact that this or that apartment exists only in the picture, or has already been rented out, and the announcement was made so that you call and you can be taken to the real estate agent. Most often, apartments will be rented through agents.


To rent without an agent, you can try to find a group in your city on Facebook or Telegram - there may also be agents there, but you might be lucky and stumble upon the owner. The Internet in Turkey is good only in big cities, if you move, you can take the Internet with you to another city in Turkey, if this provider is in the new place.


There are no jobs in Turkey. Perhaps, through acquaintances who already work in schools, they can help and assist you, but as such, there is no expat teaching of foreign languages, as in China, for the most part. However, they can give you a legal work visa in Turkey and you will teach yourself, but you can forget about Asian salaries.