At the lowest prices to buy in China a bracelet for health and fitness with a pedometer and measurement of blood pressure and heart rate

The Chinese company 三亚 谢尔盖 网络 信息 技术 有限公司 together with the Russian company Pragma from Moscow, Russia provide full logistics, information and consulting services for the supply of thermometers from Chinese manufacturers to all categories of consumers in Russia and other countries.

We present to your attention one of the best models of fitness bracelet for health - GB-VIP, which received a color TFT display with a resolution of 80 * 160 pixels and a diagonal of 0.96 inches, there is a touch button for cyclic switching between functions, performance is provided by an energy-efficient chip.
The built-in 110 mAh battery provides 5 - 7 days of autonomous use, depending on the intensity of use. In terms of the number of functions, the fitness bracelet for health - GB-VIP surpasses other models.
Fitness bracelet for health - GB-VIP can:
-Measure pulse and pressure;
-Track sleep;
-Monitor three activity modes: running, cycling, swimming;
- Determine the level of blood saturation SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation);
-Count steps, burned calories and distance;
-Notify about calls and messages;
-Remember to be inactive;
-Many other things.
Subject to all recommendations, the fitness bracelet for health - GB-VIP provides a sufficiently high accuracy of blood pressure measurement. But, all the data obtained is provided for information only and cannot be used to correct treatment or serve as a reason for taking pills. The gadget is available in black, blue, pink, purple and red.
Price: from 10 USD for 1 piece
Minimum lot: 100 pieces
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