The first hospital with smart cabins Smart Health Lodge for self-visits is open in Haikou, Hainan Island

The first hospital with smart booths for independent visits is open in Haikou, Hainan Island in the Longhua district, where residents can conduct medical examinations on their own.


According to reports, the Lonhua District attaches great importance to the work of the entire population in the field of health care, comprehensively implements the “Healthy China” strategy, actively creates a national health promotion zone, integrates the construction of health promotion zones into the key tasks of the government and actively promotes activities to promote health literacy. people's awareness of health and self-care abilities. Among them, Smart Health Lodge is a health-promoting place built in the area to protect the health of residents.


The Smart Health Lodge cab is equipped with a self-service medical check-up system for measuring height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, electrocardiogram, adipose tissue, etc. A medical expert can monitor the operation. The block diagram is designed for self-monitoring of health. Measured data or health related issues can be recorded. Regular medical personnel collect and maintain data and create medical records for related health problems. At the same time, the wellness cabin is equipped with an inductive bright screen, when a visitor enters a healthy cabin area, the screen automatically lights up and plays a medical video that enhances the feel of the cabin technology.


The head of the Longhua County Health and Welfare Committee said that Smart Health Lodge can play a role in early detection, early intervention, early diagnosis and early treatment of healthy people, and it is convenient to regularly monitor various key indicators such as blood pressure in patients with chronic diseases. . When control is bad, you can contact the medical institution for treatment.


Creating a Smart Health Lodge helps residents manage and prevent their own health, update their health concepts, raise awareness of disease prevention and gradually develop a scientific and healthy lifestyle to improve the health of residents.


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