Housing fund on Hainan Island, China has collected more than 14 billion yuan in 2020

In 2020, in Hainan Island, China, the utilization of housing reserves improved, and the housing fund was increased to 14,212 billion yuan during the year. It raised 9,153 billion yuan; personal loans totaling 10.33 billion yuan were issued, and the utilization rate and personal loan rate reached 94.1% and 86.6%, respectively.


According to statistics from the Provincial Fund Management Bureau, in 2020, Hainan Province, China raised 14.212 billion yuan in housing funds, up 892 million yuan, or 6.70%, over the previous year. The accumulated deposits amounted to 110,215 billion yuan, and the balance in deposits was 48,382 billion yuan, up 18% over the previous year. The actual number of housing deposits in the province that year was 1,104,200, up 280,000 from the previous year, or 2.11%.


According to reports, during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, the Hainan Provincial Housing Fund, China played its full role in supporting economic and social development, servicing the general situation and providing livelihoods.


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