Deception of patients and imposition of services in hospitals in China - where to file a complaint and how to get money back

Patients who complain about hospitals in China should firstly keep all medical records, bills, receipts and other references, and secondly, consult with the relevant departments of the hospital and directly negotiate with the hospital to deal with it. properly. Finally, if negotiations with the hospital are not successful, you can file a complaint.


Legal basis: Article 1219 of the Civil Code

Medical personnel are obliged to explain to patients the state of health and medical measures in the course of diagnosis and treatment. If surgery, special examinations or special treatment is required, medical personnel must immediately inform the patient about medical risks, alternative medical options, etc. and obtain their explicit consent; if it is impossible or inappropriate to explain this to the patient, they should explain it to the patient's close relatives and obtain their explicit consent.


Article 1227

Medical institutions and their medical personnel shall not conduct unnecessary examinations in violation of the norms of diagnosis and treatment.


If the hospital is unreasonably charging you, you can file a complaint with your city's Health Department, if it is confirmed that the money is not being charged really unreasonably, the fee will be refunded.