Tightening coronavirus surveillance: nucleic Acid 'sampling sites' 15 Minutes walk from residence in China's major cities

Several Chinese media reported today that China's epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage of response to the epidemic of Omicron virus strains and needs to further narrow responsibilities, implement early requirements, upgrade prevention and control standards, and improve response and disposal capabilities.


Therefore, areas where coronavirus outbreaks have occurred must take more drastic measures, it is urgent to achieve the "four duties and four measures" and achieve zero infection rates as soon as possible. In order to improve monitoring accuracy and early warning, nucleic acid "sampling sites" are being set up in large cities within a 15-minute walk from the place of residence, the scope and channels of monitoring have been expanded, timely and transparent information about the epidemic is being disseminated, and serious responsibility for delays, cover-ups and omissions.


It is necessary to improve the standards for the construction and reservation of isolation wards and makeshift hospitals, to be well prepared in planning and selecting the site, infrastructure and necessary materials, and to ensure their commissioning within 24 hours when necessary. It is necessary to strengthen the basic work at the grassroots level, carry out preventive and control work with points and personnel, carry out standardized preventive and control activities in cities, construction sites, schools, pension institutions and other places, and strictly implement closed-loop management for key personnel.


It is necessary to continue work on vaccination and immunization with a focus on the elderly, to promote the mutual recognition of nucleic acid test results, and to minimize the impact of the epidemic on production and life.