Shanghai will reopen restaurants and catering establishments under new conditions from June 29, 2022

At a press conference held today (June 26) on the epidemic prevention and control work in the city, the second-level inspector of the municipal trade commission said that: “Recently, citizens have been very concerned about the resumption of catering establishments. Therefore, based on the pilot experience in Jinshan, Fengxian and Chongming districts, the opinions of relevant departments and experts, and the current epidemic prevention and control situation, the Municipal Prevention and Control Administration decided that restaurants and other catering establishments, if there are no high-risk areas within the territories of their work.


The Municipal Commerce Commission instructed the industry associations to issue the "Guidelines for the resumption of activities and the resumption of epidemic prevention and control in the catering industry of the city" (third edition), and clarified the six requirements for catering enterprises:


First, implement work records management. Catering enterprises report to the district prevention and control department for accounting, and after inspection and evaluation by the relevant regulatory authorities, they can resume activities.


Second, implement current constraint management. In accordance with the area of ​​the restaurant, the distance between tables is increased, the number of dining people is controlled, and separate and staggered seating of people is being introduced.


Third, implement disinfection management. Before resuming meals, conduct a comprehensive preventive disinfection of utility rooms. In daily work, tables, chairs and utensils must be cleaned and disinfected in a timely manner after each customer's table leaves after eating.


Fourth, do a good job of managing reception. Post a code at the entrance. Customers must wear masks, scan the code at the entrance, and have no abnormal body temperature (<37.3) before entering.


Fifth, uphold the new catering fashion. Carry out activities in accordance with the "Shanghai Maintenance Specification for Public Chopsticks, Spoons and Separate Meal System", and the lunch time is usually set to about 1.5 hours.


Sixth, strengthen daily control. All districts should rely on the big data platform to accelerate the digital management of the food service industry, and connect the food service industry employee health management platform or monitoring platform to achieve "single network management."