For the first time a red betel spit was fined for the first time by a local resident of Sanya on Hainan, China

Recently, the Sanya Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau launched a large-scale campaign to eradicate uncivilized behavior in Sanya, Hainan, China, and launched the No initiative for uncivilized behavior. A few days ago, law enforcement officers fined a citizen who spat betel juice on a street in Sanya and fined 50 yuan.


At 11 a.m., Wu Guang, the head of the Third Law Enforcement Group of the Bureau of Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement, Sanya and his colleagues patrolled the streets and they found a car parked on the road. On the other hand, the driver was sitting in the driver's seat and slowly chewing betel nut.


 According to Article 33 of the Hainan Provincial Urban and Rural Environmental Health Regulation, spitting, spitting betel juice, chewing gum and harking is prohibited and is subject to a fine, and this driver was fined 50 yuan.


The relevant person in charge of the Sanya Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau stated that the next step would be to strengthen law enforcement and a comprehensive “declaration of war” for uncivilized behavior through publicity and education, respect and other measures.


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