Wechat and Alipay: withdrawal of money without commission - up to 6000 yuan monthly

     In addition to using WeChat to pay in daily life, WeChat withdrawal fees are also one of the important reasons. In fact, if you use the WeChat Payment feature well, you can easily achieve small cash withdrawals for free.

    During the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, college student Xiao Wang received a total of about 13,000 yuan in red WeChat packets from his seniors. If you save money, you can still earn interest." found out it would cost him a processing fee. Although it only cost less than 15 yuan, he was very upset by the additional expense. After being reminded by his classmates, Xiao Wang participated in the free cash coupon promotion during the Spring Festival and cashed out money on WeChat to a bank card for free.

   The current WeChat withdrawal processing fee is 0.1%, and free cash coupon collection activities are generally only available at festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, and such activities are only held for a few days. Is there a way to get free withdrawals via WeChat at normal times? Answer: yes! Through the public account 微信支付”公众号“WeChat Pay”, you can withdraw 6,000 yuan per month for free.

   Specific operation steps: First, pay attention to the 微信支付 "WeChat Payment" public account, click 更多"More" in the lower right corner, and enter 支付有优惠"Discount Payment" to receive gold coins. The prerequisite for obtaining gold coins is to use WeChat payment several times. You can get gold coins if you spend more than 1 yuan. Each week is a statistical period. You can get up to 15 gold coins per week, which can be redeemed for 1500 RMB free cash withdrawal coupons. It is recommended to set an alarm and shoot at the usual time every Sunday. After a month, you can withdraw 6,000 RMB for free.

   For those who often have WeChat income, the above method can easily save you 180 RMB per year. Similarly, Alipay can also use ant points to redeem for free quotes - 1,000 public member points can be redeemed for 1,000 RMB free quotes