Statistics of Port Yanpu- the pilot zone of free trade port of Hainan, China

In 2021, Yangpu Port, as a pilot zone for the Hainan Free Trade Port, for the first time completely set off on a new path. Its main indicators of economic and social development are as follows: the regional GDP is 33 billion yuan. The port's cargo turnover is 65 million tons, and the container turnover is 1.4 million TEU, the total volume of imports and exports has reached 44 billion yuan.


Leadership in the implementation of the free trade port policy is the main task of Yangpu as a pilot zone demonstration zone, and accelerating the transformation of the Yangpu free port zone into a “model room” for a free trade port is the main priority of the current work. This year, Yangpu will promote the development of high-quality tourism consumer goods manufacturing, health food processing and other industrial clusters; launch a pilot program for tax-free consumption of profitable places in the bonded port area and develop rules for consumption and transportation, which will ensure comprehensive stress testing of tax-free consumption formats; continue to simplify first line supervision, implement full liberalization of first line, support and stimulate the development of new business formats related to maintenance and clean production, as well as for cross-border e-commerce; promotion of domestic and foreign merchant ships. Yangpu Port will continue to build up its supply capacity to establish a new onshore and offshore transshipment base in the western region; actively strive to delegate the approval of bunker oil bunker qualifications, and maintain strong enterprises in Yangpu registration.


At the same time, Yangpu will accelerate the improvement of the functions of the public information service platform in the bonded port area, promote value-added processing, tax-free consumption, cross-border e-commerce and other functions to go online; accelerate the construction of ancillary facilities such as customs checkpoints, and improve cross-border e-commerce, multifunctional integrated controls for checking mail and express mail, to create an innovative control area for international import and export of postal items; accelerating the recovery of unused land, buildings, factories and other resources; focusing on the application of the port free trade policy, conducting accurate investment promotion and introducing a number of industries.


The total value of import and export is 20 billion RMB, the total operating income is 100 billion RMB, the actual use of foreign capital is 400 million US dollars, and the number of operating enterprises has doubled. Investment promotion is a source of development. Yangpu will focus on key investment areas and coordinate with the respective provinces and regions for global investment, special investment and precision investment. In 2021, he plans to introduce at least 2 Fortune 500 companies, 5 Fortune 500 companies in China, and 10 industrial enterprises. At the same time, he plans to open investment promotion offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, New York, London and other Tier 1 international cities, intensify investment attraction efforts and leverage global online recruiting practices to represent the investment promotion elite for Yangpu. International by the end of March, in order to examine full-time employment reforms and performance-based remuneration, the Investment Promotion Bureau will establish a remuneration system and personnel management mechanism consistent with Yangpu's investment promotion characteristics.


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