Russia will open land border with China from April 9, 2022

A few minutes ago, several major media  in Russia reported that Russia, from April 9, 2022, will lift  restrictions on the exit of Russians to the People's Republic of China (PRC) across the land border, as well as on the entry of foreign citizens from China to the Russian Federation. This was reported to journalists on Monday at the operational headquarters for combating coronavirus infection.


"From April 9, the Operational Headquarters decided to lift restrictions on the exit of Russian citizens, as well as on the entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons through the land border between Russia and the People's Republic of China," the headquarters said. What kind of checkpoints on the Russian-Chinese border will be open from April 9, 2022 - all checkpoints or only some, this has not yet been indicated.


Earlier on Monday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced that the Russian government would lift coronavirus restrictions on air travel between the Russian Federation and 52 countries from April 9.


Although Russia is going to open its land border with China, but so far the problem is that in China we have not found any reports of the opening of a land border from China. Therefore, it is not yet clear how such an "open" border will function - whether there will be only unimpeded entry to Russia from China through land checkpoints or any other conditions, this has not yet been indicated, this is not explained in detail in Russian media reports.


But it is already clear that this step by Russia to open the land border with China is the most significant step towards opening the borders in the last two years.