Dogs faster test for coronavirus - in Finland dogs began to be on duty at the airport to detect of coronavirus infected

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, a Finnish study has shown that dogs can sniff out the new coronavirus and detect it within 10 seconds. Finland organizes dogs to detect the new coronavirus at the airport - Four sniffer dogs have started working at Helsinki Airport in Finland to detect Covid-19 infected.


The role of dogs is to use their sense of smell to determine if humans are infected with the coronavirus. In a press release about their findings, the researchers demonstrated the ability of four specially trained dogs to detect the novel coronavirus. If a dog has detected a coronavirus, the barking of the dog will indicate this to airport workers.


The news has generated a lot of attention in the Chinese media today, so if the dogs can successfully and quickly detect the coronavirus, then there is a chance that similar special dogs for searching for coronavirus patients will also appear in Chinese airports.