Outbreak of a new influenza virus - "tomato flu" in India

Indian newspaper India Today reports that India is experiencing an outbreak of a new influenza virus called "tomato flu". Indian health authorities are on high alert, with more than 80 cases reported in India since May 6, 2022, among children.


The new flu has been called "tomato flu" or "tomato fever" because of the red blisters that appear on the body. As with monkeypox virus, infected children develop large rashes all over the body (red and large blisters). In addition, in the list of signs:



-joint pain;

- stomach cramps;

-nausea or vomiting;



- sneezing;

-runny nose;

-increase in body temperature;

- Pain all over the body.

In some cases, infection with such a virus has led to a change in the color of the hands and feet, irritation may appear in the corners of the lips. The disease is fraught with the development of dehydration, according to a number of virologists, such a manifestation of "tomato fever" may be a new variant of the infection known as "foot-hand-mouth".


“It is not a fatal disease, but it is contagious and can be transmitted from person to person,” explained Dr. Subhash Chandra, associate professor of internal medicine at Amrita Hospital.