Hainan Province, China will pay out 10,000 yuan cash prize for errors found in foreign languages on signs

Hainan Province Launched an Event "Correcting Errors in Signs in Foreign Languages ​​in Hainan Public Places." Since its launch, a large number of netizens have enthusiastically participated and hundreds of bug fixes have been received to date. Many netizens came up with very good bug fixing opinions, which were accepted by the expert group and included in the “Error Correction Expert Card” for display. However, judging by the shipping information, the error correction information of some netizens is outside the scope of public signs and signs, and the images are blurry.


According to the rules of the event, if you upload a non-standard image of a sign in a foreign language, a specific location and description of violations, upload the correct translation suggestions, and a team of experts can be considered effective information to correct mistakes in order to get points, the person with the highest monthly score for correction mistakes will receive a reward of 1,000 RMB, and an event in will ultimately choose the bug fix star with the highest accumulated points and receive a 10,000 yuan reward.


For example, the use of English mistakes on posters, LED screens and ATMs, the actions of citizens to correct them after seeing them are very worthy of recognition, but these topics do not belong to the sphere of public signs and signs, and they cannot be rewarded. points. The reviewer told reporters that only signs and signs that have long existed in public places in Chinese and English are public signs in English, such as signs and signs in foreign languages ​​that appear in public places such as city roads, tourist attractions, stadiums, and medical and recreational facilities.


In the error correction information received so far, the images uploaded by many netizens are ambiguous, ”the reviewer gave an example: road signs and signs in Jinhua Market and Jinhua New Road in Haikou were incorrectly translated, but because the images provided were too vague. the expert group was unable to identify the fixes in the comparative review, in as a result, the revised comments were not accepted and re-uploaded.


How does bug fixing relate to effective bug fixing information that can bring bonuses? English translation and use of capital pinyin of road name on road sign on Yixin Street, Haidian Island, Meilan District, Haikou City, reflected Mr. Wang, the location information and description of the situation is clear and accurate. He uploaded clear photographs and translation suggestions were given, which were accepted by the expert group as effective information for correcting errors and will be included in the scope of a later correction.


Here, experts suggest that when netizens participate in bug-fixing activities, they should focus on fix bugs with publicly available English characters and try to load clear original images with correct translations. The opinion regarding handling duplicate representations is that only the first correct error correction message with the same error correction information will be received. It is recommended that netizens go to the "Error Correction Expert Map" on the event page before downloading the bug fix.


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