WeChat: new feature with 4K video already supports video upload in chats

According to WeChat, the latest version of WeChat (8.0.18 for iOS and 8.0.19 for Android) already supports sending original video, and it can be almost uncompressed. It is reported that when sending a video to a chat, check the original image option to send the original video, and after the other party receives the video, a "View original video" button will be displayed in the lower left corner, and click to view the video in original quality up to 4K .


In terms of specifications, WeChat currently supports videos up to 4K resolution. For iPhone, it will also support Dolby Vision video and HDR playback, which can meet the needs of most situations.

However, it should be noted that after testing, uploading video files larger than 1 GB to WeChat chat is still not supported, and for 4K video or even Dolby Vision or HDR, this will undoubtedly entail many restrictions.


In addition, this time only the original video uploaded to the chat is accepted in high quality, and the video sent directly to the circle of friends will still be compressed with restrictions.

Downloading original videos has become one of the most popular features among netizens, after years of waiting, some users even suspect that this feature will never be launched, but since yesterday, this feature has become available to everyone