Statistics of the ecological state of the marine environment of Hainan Province, China in 2018

The Department of Ecology and Environment of Hainan Province issued the 2018 Hainan Province Environmental Health State Bulletin.


The bulletin shows that the water quality in the coastal waters of Hainan Province is excellent, the ecosystems of the eastern coast of Hainan Island and the Xisha Environmental Monitoring Area are in a healthy state, the complex environmental quality in the controlled areas of seawater aquaculture is excellent, the state of the national marine protected areas is good , beaches and coastal resorts are in good condition, environmental conditions in marine landfills remain good.


In 2018, Haikou, Wenchang, Qionhai, Vanning, Lingshui, Sanya, Ledong, Changjiang, Zhangzhou, Lingao, Dongfang, Yangpu, Chenmai and other cities and districts in the coastal waters of Hainan Island monitor biodiversity. In the summer, 153 species of phytoplankton, 35 species of zooplankton, 22 species of planktonic larvae and 33 species of macrobenthos were identified. In the autumn, 148 species of phytoplankton, 51 species of zooplankton, 20 species of planktonic larvae and 16 species of macrobenthos were identified.  


In 2018, Hainan Province conducted comprehensive monitoring of environmental quality in six aquaculture areas in Haikou Dong Hai, Ling An Houshuiwan, Lingshui Lian, Lingshui Xincun, Wenchang Fengjiawan and Wanning Xiaohai ports. The results showed that in six areas of aquaculture with sea water and marine aquaculture areas that were monitored, with the exception of the environmental quality level of the marine aquaculture area in Lingshui Lian port, the quality of the environment was excellent in other areas of marine aquaculture. Aquaculture meets the environmental quality requirements of the functional area.  


In addition, the communiqué noted that Hainan Province controls the environmental situation in adjacent marine areas such as Haikou Rui Island, Zhangzhou Island Haihua, Haikou Island Nanhai Mingzhu Island, Sanya Hongtang Island, Vanning Riyue Island and Wenchang Island Mazu. Monitoring results show that marine environmental conditions in adjacent marine areas such as Haikou Ruiyi Island, Zhangzhou Island Haihua, Haikou Artificial Island Nanhai Mingzhu, Sanya Hongtang Bay and Vanning Riyou Island are generally good. Coral reefs grow near Riyou Island, Hongtang Bay and Haihua Islands. Coral reef coverage of Haihua Island and Hontang Bay in 2018 is 8.00% and 24.00%, respectively.  


The bulletin shows that in the monitoring of marine waste held in the waters of Sanya Bay in 2018, floating waste on the sea surface is mainly plastics, such as expanded polystyrene and plastic bags. During the monitoring period, the average number of large and large floating waste in the marine zone is 7 per km2, and the average density of floating debris in medium and small blocks is 1,958 per km2, all from land, beach waste mainly from plastic products.


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