Bank of China Branch funded over RMB 4 billion in Hainan Province in 2020

In order to meticulously meet the working requirements of the Party Central Committee and State Council for the "six pillars of stability" and "six guarantees" from 2021, the Hainan Bank of China continues to provide resources for the development of the real economy of Hainan and sets out "plans, simplified procedures, promoting innovation, and migration ”.


Since the beginning of this year, Hainan Bank of China has given high priority to providing export trade finance support to enterprises that have completed export declarations and have a good track record of collecting foreign exchange, in order to ensure the safety of enterprises' foreign exchange export tax collection and implement sales recovery in advance. In addition, Hainan Bank of China has used the resources of overseas branches to develop comprehensive cross-border financing programs such as “export agreement financing” and “foreign agent payment” for enterprises, effectively addressing the financial needs of foreign trade enterprises and reducing corporate finance costs.


In June 2020, the Hainan Branch of the State Monetary Administration issued a "Notice of the Pilot Program on Facilitating Foreign Currency Receipts and Expenditures in Trade" to support eligible enterprises in conducting a pilot program to facilitate foreign currency receipts and payments in trade in goods and services, and for preliminary audit. As the first pilot bank in a free trade port, BOC has actively interpreted the policy for companies based on their real needs, and has taken a lead role in handling first foreign currency receipts and payments, facilitating merchandise trade and foreign exchange receipts and trade payments. services for two private enterprises in a free trade port.


In terms of innovative services to foster corporate vitality, Bank of Hainan operated the province's first blockchain export receivables finance business for Tongwei (Hainan) Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. through a cross-border financial blockchain services platform developed by the State Foreign Exchange Office. At the same time, he also built the province's first multinational FT company, dedicated to a fully functional capital pool for Changfeng Energy Group, and is currently the only fully functional capital pool in Hainan. Through innovations in services and products, the bank is constantly optimizing the business environment at the Free Trade Port in order to stimulate an increase in the viability of the enterprise.


Since the beginning of this year, Bank of Hainan has continued to send out corporate financial services guidance to clients through online platforms such as WeChat official accounts, providing companies with secure, efficient and convenient 24/7 financial services, helping companies manage corporate finance easily during the epidemic. Focusing on the needs of the entire enterprise transaction chain and various scenarios, using products such as Bank of China Enterprise Bank Tax Loan, Bank of China Enterprise Loan Electronic Loan and other products, provide credit support to small and micro enterprises in foreign trade with using competitive products and orders. At the moment, the new increase in the bank of public inclusive loans is four times the growth for the full year of the previous year.


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