City of Science and Technology in Yazhou Bay, Sanya, Hainan Province will become the largest in China

The city of science and technology in the Yangzhou Bay in Sanya is one of 12 pilot projects in Hainan.  Yazhou Bei Science and Technology City consists of five parts: Nanfan City of Science and Technology, Deep Water Technology City, University City, Nanshan Port and Global Animal and Plant Transfer Base. It is a technology city with integrated planning, open innovation.


The city of science and technology, Yazhou Bay, takes project construction as a basis, for a breakthrough in industrial investment and focuses on improving public infrastructure and optimizing the business environment, and in 2019 plans to begin construction of 38 projects with the help of 100 newly registered enterprises.


Yazhou Bay is an undeveloped area along the Sanya coast and has a very important development advantage. A few days ago, "Measures to support the development of the city of science and technology of the Sanya Yazhou Bay" were reviewed and approved by a meeting of the Provincial Party Committee's Deep Reform Committee. The provincial government formulated 8 measures to support the development of the city of science and technology in Sanya Yazhou Bay, including innovation management. Institutional mechanisms, the provision of administrative expertise and the approval of powers in accordance with the law, increased financial support, coordination of the construction of land for construction, and promotion of support for scientific and technological innovation.


At present, there are 41 enterprises in the field of science and technology in Nanfan City, and the construction of the Innovative Seed Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences of China and the Zhongchuang Center of the Nanfang Institute in Sanzhong have begun, the Shenzhen City Science and Technology Branch is inviting to the warehouse. The construction of 80 enterprises, the China Shipbuilding Industry Project, City University has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Ocean University, China Agricultural University and Wuhan University of Technology.


Chen Hong, director of the Tropical Ocean Research Institute in the South China Sea in the city of science and technology, Yazhou Bei, Sanya, carefully watched the growth of planted corals every day and recorded them in detail. Chen Hong is an expert in coral farming. He and his team set the record for the largest number of coral breeding and survival in China. They created China's largest coral research and cultivation base, and some of its achievements have reached world-class levels.


“We plan to build a coral seed bank in the Science and Technology City of Yazhou Bay and introduce various types of corals around the world, not only serving the ecology of our country's coral reefs, but also serving the global coral reef ecosystem,” Chen Hong said.