Sanya City on Hainan Island will be the first multilingual city in China

A few days ago at a press conference on the development of international projects in the city of Sanya on Hainan Island, it was announced that Sanya would be the first multilingual city in China. As a result, in the coming years, Sanya will organize: a system of multilingual signs in public places, a round-the-clock service line in foreign languages, a multilingual travel service system, an intelligent translation terminal, a foreign tourist service center.  In the city of Sanya, the “Work Plan for the Construction of the International City of Sanya” was published, which was the first in China to launch the project of a multilingual city.


According to the person in charge of the municipal service center, Sanya will promote construction in three stages: building a signage system, building service points, multilingual translation and a multilingual information system in three stages too: short-term, medium-term and long-term, in the process of implementation it is planned to create an open and together the system of international language services used, combining tourist service centers, immigration service centers, tourist information centers and tourist service centers.


The municipal service center will create a convenient, intelligent and humanized service platform providing multilingual professional translation services. In the future, foreigners will feel more comfortable, convenient and efficient in the field of investment, work, life and business in Sanya.


Deputy Mayor Chen Tizhun said at a press conference that Sanya will adopt a model for building state planning, investment and building enterprises and phased procurement services that will facilitate the construction of foreign service centers, immigration service centers and related support facilities, and modernize multilingual services in several government departments.


At the same time, it will combine new technologies and new formats to explore comprehensive services, such as AR real-time image translation and the simultaneous interpretation of artificial intelligence, and will lead the construction of China’s first multilingual city.


 Deputy Mayor Chen Tizhun stressed that the creation of the Sanya International Oral Cloud Platform, which unites tourism, government agencies, cultural and sports events, transportation and public services, provides multilingual real-time translation, image transfer, information requests, and 5G electronic intelligence technology. + AI in combination with big data analysis.


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