Tours for Visa and Mastercard cards are popular in Russia: to Uzbekistan, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Tour operators in Russia, instead of tourist trips to world resorts, have begun offering “card tours” for Visa and Mastercard cards to Uzbekistan, Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, which are losing their relevance to “vaccine tours”.


Uzbekistan is now the most popular destination for such tours - during a three-day trip, tourists receive an international payment card from a local bank, where they are accompanied by a representative of the tour operator, and all necessary documents are collected in advance in Russia according to the instructions of the tour operator.


The cost of the cheapest tour to Uzbekistan for one person from Moscow, without a flight and medical insurance, is 28 thousand rubles.


It includes three days of stay in Uzbekistan, meals at the hotel, transfer to the bank and, if desired (and paid separately), excursions. Minimum

the number of nights provided by the tour is 2. You will have to pay extra for additional nights.


The cost of issuing a Visa or Mastercard card itself, depending on the type, will cost from 700 to 3000 rubles. The Russians should not have problems with its design. Now you can open a bank account and issue a card in Turkey and Uzbekistan. These countries have not joined the sanctions and remain open to Russian citizens.


But the cheapest way to fly on such a tour with Visa and Mastercard cards is from Krasnodar - a flight to Tashkent will cost 11 thousand rubles. A flight from Moscow (35 thousand rubles), St. Petersburg (37 thousand rubles), Irkutsk (54 thousand rubles) will cost more, and the most expensive ticket from Yekaterinburg is about 75 thousand rubles.


In a few days, the land border with Kazakhstan will open and Kazakhstan has a chance to come out on top in the list of destinations for issuing tours with Visa and Mastercard cards, there are already reports about the formation of special tourist buses from Russian cities to Kazakhstan cities.