Hainan Island Medical News: four hospitals in Hainan Island will open for the first time a day-long surgical hospital in Haikou

The National Committee on Health and Sanitation of China issued a notice confirming that 129 hospitals, including hospitals in Haikou, will be used as experimental day hospital hospitals. Among them were the first hospitals in Hainan Province - the first Haiyi First Affiliated Hospital, the Haiyi Second Affiliated Hospital, which were the first batch of the country's pilot units for day surgery - day surgery.

Simple daily surgical procedures are carried out within the framework of the day-to-day surgical hospital, while the patient is in the hospital during the day, when a diagnosis is performed in the day-time surgical hospital, medication is administered, surgical procedures are performed, and the patient's condition is monitored.

Routine hospitalization includes operations that do not require urgent surgical intervention, the patient must come with everything necessary to the department at the appointed time, after urgent laboratory testing, urgent surgical intervention is performed, the doctor's appointment in this case is carried out without direction and preliminary recording.

The daily surgical hospital includes surgical intervention and subsequent treatment of such diseases as otolaryngological, ophthalmologic, orthopedic, urological, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.