Haikou Customs in Hainan Island, China issued 9,921 certificates of origin in 2020

During 2020, 9,921 certificates of origin were issued in Haikou on the island of Hainan, China, with a value of 5.484 billion. It is estimated that enterprises can benefit from preferential tariffs of 274 million yuan from importing countries (or regions). It is understood that a certificate of origin is a document certifying the origin of goods, that is, the place where goods are produced or produced, and is an important document for exporting enterprises that can benefit from tariff reductions and benefits in the importing country. Haikou Customs has taken full advantage of the important role of origin visas as a means of implementing free trade agreements, helping Hainan's products to be exported overseas. “It is now so convenient to apply for an export certificate of origin! From system application to self-printing, you can get a certificate in just a few minutes, which greatly saves our working time, ”said Mr. Chen, a salesman from Hainan. With the signing of the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement on November 15, 2020, China signed 19 free trade agreements involving 26 countries and regions. Haikou Customs continued to issue tariff preferential dividends under the free trade agreement and actively promoted self-service stamp of origin, smart verification, paperless declaration and other convenient measures to help companies obtain visas in seconds from the comfort of home. In the next phase, Haikou Customs will increase the publicity of the policy, guide businesses in jurisdictions to understand and master the preferential free trade agreement policies, increase the utilization rate of the FTA's certificate of origin by businesses in the jurisdiction, and help Hainan businesses to sell their products overseas.


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