Chinese Instagram and e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu has blocked 168,000 accounts

On February 17, 2022, Xiaohongshu announced that it will block a total of 216 medical beauty establishments, medical beauty platforms and medical beauty service providers. The first batch of 279,000 accounts that advertised services in the field of medicine and cosmetology were also carefully checked, of which 168,000 accounts were blocked for various violations.


Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, is a social media and e-commerce platform. It has been called the "Chinese response to Instagram".


As of 2019, Xiaohongshu had over 300 million registered users and has over 85 million monthly active users. It is reported that 70% of its users were born after 1990 and almost 90% of them are women.


In the first place, 142,000 accounts were blocked that advertised medical and beauty services and that were associated with illegal medical and cosmetic projects and medical and cosmetic institutions, including plastic surgeons, medical beauty products and other medical beauty marketing services.


It is reported that this is the most stringent special management action in the field of medicine in the history of Xiaohongshu. The first phase basically starts from two aspects: First, the professional certification of private medical beauty institutions is cancelled. Now professional certification is only for state-owned enterprises.


Secondly, Xiaohongshu representatives said that the management will focus on dealing with content and accounts that mislead users and will increase the introduction of professional content, content of certified public hospitals and doctors.


Representatives of Xiaohongshu said, “The special management of medical cosmetology will continue, and it is here to remind users that medical cosmetology has risks. If necessary, it is best to go to a regular hospital. Private clinics cause side effects and the consequences are very serious.”