Creation of a sitemap of website and online store- sitemap.xml

Created: 29 December 2021

The creation of a sitemap and an online store sitemap.xml is a very important factor for the successful promotion of any site or online store, since the sitemap is used for correct and fast indexing of a website by any search engine.


The specialists of PRAGMA LLC will help you to make sure that your website or online store is quickly indexed by the leading Internet search engines - Yandex and Google search robots with the help of a correctly drawn up map of your site or online store. A sitemap is one of the pages of the site where links to all other pages of the site or online store are located and is actually the complete content of your company's site, which not only serves as an article navigator for your site visitors, but also contributes to the implementation of search robots faster and better indexing of your company's website.


We will compile two maps of your site for your site - separately for search engines (Sitemap.xml file) and separately for users (Sitemap.html page), which will be equally convenient and informative for both search engines and site visitors. We can also create a Sitemap-image.xml (sitemap for images), Sitemap-video.xml (sitemap for video files), google-news-sitemap.xml (sitemap) for your website or online store. for the news headings of your site).


The map of your site and online store created by the specialists of PRAGMA LLC will have the following advantages: - the sitemap will be located in a conspicuous place where it will be immediately visible to all visitors - directly in the main menu of your site or online store. - the sitemap will have the correct structure and formatting, where there will be headings, subheadings and other formatting elements that will make all the information in a more receptive form for visitors and it will become much easier for them to find the materials they need; - the sitemap will contain anchors in the links - already from the name of the link, visitors will be able to understand which page they will be sent to, this is very important, because search engines also pay attention to anchors, which can accelerate the promotion of your website or online store.


All search engines index sites that have a Sitemap.xml in the best way and, with a sitemap, the likelihood that some page of your site will be accidentally skipped for indexing is significantly reduced, which ultimately will lead to more significant website traffic.


The cost of services of PRAGMA LLC for creation of a sitemap of website and online store is from 30 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.