Prospects for opening borders in China will be clear after the victory over coronavirus

In various foreign media, foreign Wechat groups and foreign social networks, officially unconfirmed reports have recently been circulating about an allegedly upcoming easing of the procedure for entering China, but we have not been able to find confirmation of this information in the Chinese media at the moment.


Consider the main messages in the Chinese media on this issue.

In general, the Chinese media regularly publishes the successes of anti-coronavirus practices, and according to the Chinese media, this practice has proven that the prevention and control policy can stand the test, and the prevention and control measures are scientific and effective.


According to Chinese media reports, the Politburo meetings of the CPC Central Committee stressed that the epidemic must be prevented, the economy must be stabilized, and development must be safe: protect human life and health and minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development.”


The Chinese media noted that it is necessary to take a clear stand against wrong ideas such as the so-called "coexistence of viruses" and incorrect arguments such as "coronavirus is something similar to the influenza virus", the current global epidemic is still at a high level, the virus is still mutating, and there is still great uncertainty about the final direction of the epidemic, far from the time to take a breath and relax.


It is necessary to unswervingly pursue the general policy of "dynamic clearance", with greater determination and courage to use the situation and work hard to achieve dynamic clearance of the epidemic in Shanghai and win this situation as soon as possible.


Thus, reports of foreign media about easing the procedure for entering China in the current conditions look extremely unlikely, the prospects for opening borders in China may be clear after the victory over the coronavirus.