Insurance company will refuse to pay out on coronavirus insurance in China if these conditions are not met

In Chinese social networks, cases of refusal of insurance companies to pay out on insurance against coronavirus in China are periodically discussed. Such cases occur due to the fact that documents are incorrectly drawn up upon the occurrence of such an insured event.


According to the usual conditions of an insurance policy in China (for more details, see your personal insurance policy), in order to make a diagnosis of coronavirus, you must indicate in the document with the diagnosis the full details of the identity card (passport) of the insured person. In addition, medical diagnosis requires the issuance of a certificate of diagnosis of the disease of the insured person by a qualified medical institution, and often insured persons receive certificates of a positive test for coronavirus in institutions that are not qualified medical institutions for making such diagnoses.


In the event of a medical diagnosis of coronavirus, the insured person must make reports of examinations, blood tests and other scientific methods, as well as positive reports of nucleic acid tests for respiratory coronavirus, as specified in the insurance policy.


First of all, you need to know that one positive test does not mean a confirmed diagnosis, and it can be an asymptomatic infection, further diagnostics and additional studies are necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis and receive an insurance payment.


As an example, the case in May 2022 is given when an insured person in China received a positive test for coronavirus in a city testing center, but the insurance company refused to pay out under the insurance contract, since the city testing base is not a qualified medical institution for diagnosing the presence of coronavirus.