Sanya 520 Enterprise Service Center was created to optimize the business environment in Hainan Island, China

In Sanya on Hainan Island, China, the Sanya 520 Enterprise Service Center was officially opened and established, which will further help optimize the business environment and improve the level of service for enterprises.


Sanya launched the global investment service hotline 4009-520-520 to do everything possible to accelerate the implementation of investment promotion projects and create an "investment promotion team", the Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau established the Sanya 520 Enterprise Service Center, which will provide businesses with comprehensive services to further optimize the business environment.


It is understood that the main functions of the Sanya 520 Enterprise service center include three main functions: one is to provide comprehensive services, including registration, filing a tax return, buying a house, buying a car, financing a loan, etc., the second is to manage the information platform investment management, including the Sanya investment management information platform, which was built for trial operation as part of management services, and the United Science and Technology Investment group should provide professional system management for investment promotion personnel and provide enterprise and market data for use as reference information for investment promotion; the third is the performance of industry support functions by the relevant functional departments.


Bao Hongwen, deputy secretary of the city party committee and mayor of Sanya, said in his speech that Sanya will focus on "one center, one city, one area and three key points," insisting that projects are important and focusing on building business Wednesday. At the symposium, representatives from 15 companies including Sunshine Insurance Group,, Caesars Tourism, CDFG Sanya Duty Free Shop, Poly Development Holdings Hainan Company and Datang Group Overseas Holdings focused on the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Zone.


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