First aircraft imported from Singapore registered at the port of open trade on Hainan Island, China

A few days ago, two aircraft were leased and imported by Xihang Yangpu Co., Ltd. and were registered in the Yangpu Economic Development Zone Free Trade Zone, which marked the successful implementation of the first batch of leasing business in the Yangpu Free Trade Zone in Hainan.


This shipment of aircraft, imported from Singapore on a lease basis, is reported to be delivered to a West Air renter for commissioning after customs clearance procedures have been processed in the port area through trusted supervision elsewhere, and the cost involved is 608 million yuan.


To ensure the smooth development of the aircraft leasing business, Yangpu Economic Development Zone Customs and Yangpu Port Customs actively coordinate cooperation between local authorities and businesses, guide businesses throughout the customs clearance process, and help businesses take full advantage of the preferential policies for customs leasing of goods. and provide architectural supervision services.


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