In the city of Sanya on the island of Hainan, China adopted a program to promote joint development of agriculture and tourism

 In recent years, Sanya City on the Hainan Island, China has accelerated the construction of the whole chain of agricultural industry through the "four areas of development of international tourism."

Combined with the joint actions of the farms and the strategic plan for the development of the regional public brand "Sanya Mango", based on tropical gardens and orchards, the development of a base for the development of new functions such as sightseeing, tourism and recreation is encouraged, with emphasis on the support of the Haitang district of the city Sanya and the international valley of the Yalong Bay, such as the construction of a special rural complex, the promotion of small hot springs, the development of fish farms. In 2018, five pilot fish farms will be added to the city.

Six new tropical gardens with ecological characteristics, leisure and sightseeing will be built, as well as 11 demonstration sites of provinces over recreational agriculture.

By 2020, Sanya International Tropical Orchid Expo and Mango Picking Festival will be cultivated as the leading domestic exhibition brands.Currently, Sanya City focuses on cultivating a modern agricultural industrial park at the provincial level. In 2018, a modern agricultural industrial park was added at the provincial level.

The city of Sanya will vigorously support the initial processing of agricultural products, intensive processing of agricultural products and intensive processing of agricultural products. As an example, based on the example of Nanfang, on the basis of high-tech construction of 100,000 mu of Nanfan Research and Selection Base and Nanfan Research and Research Centers.

Focusing on promoting organic communication between small farmers and modern agricultural development, strengthening offline and online trade and introducing small-scale production in the modern way of agricultural development. Strengthening the docking of data on production and sales, as well as expanding the distribution of offices for the distribution of agricultural products and centers of direct distribution in the province.

Currently, the city of Sanya is actively building a center for collecting watermelons, melons and vegetables, improving the stable mechanism of production and marketing of links between agricultural production areas and large cities and large enterprises. At the same time, it encourages an innovative model of the e-commerce platform to promote the full coverage of rural e-commerce.