On the Paracel Islands for the first time in the history of the beginning of the work the bank branch of Hainan Sansha Bank

Today, Sansha Bank of Hainan for the first time in history opens on the Paracel Islands - on the island of Yongxing, Hainan Bank has so far established branches in 13 cities and counties of Hainan Island, such as Haikou and Sanya.

In September 2018, the Hainan Bank will sign an agreement on strategic cooperation with the municipal government of Sansha on the Paracel Islands to actively implement strategic cooperation in the planning, planning and development of projects and financial services.

After the opening of the branch, Sansha Hainan Bank will strive to provide high-quality and efficient financial services and provide financial and intellectual support to Sansha in the light of the Sansha Development Plan and the needs for the development of financial services.