Buying an apartment and other real estate in Sanya and Haikou on Hainan Island, China - where developers are deceiving home buyers

In 2019, eight departments in Hainan Island, China joined forces to correct the chaos in the real estate market. Recently, the city of Sanya on the island of Hainan, China launched a two-month special investigation into abuses of the real estate market, where developers are often the main culprits.


In real estate, developers in Hainan Island, China often take mortgage loans for properties that they sell to ordinary people when developers have to there are not enough funds in the process of building real estate; they often prefer to deposit construction in progress in a bank to maintain a normal chain of construction.


So, the property bought by a resident of Xe from the Tsinghui Bay Zhihui urban community in Lingshui on Hainan Island, China, was mortgaged by the developer without his knowledge. Ms. Wang, the owner of an apartment in Lingshui, also reported that she made a deposit in March 2018. The agreement did not mention that the property was mortgaged. After she paid 40% of the purchase price, a contract of sale was signed, but at the time of delivery of the apartment this year, the mortgage by the developer was not repaid.


During the construction of real estate in Hainan Island, China, the developer often has insufficient cash flow. For example, the price of material has increased and the subsequent financing does not pay their cost as planned. Because of this, some developers will often mortgage apartments in the bank on account of the pledge of unfinished construction.


Therefore, if the buyer signs a contract for the purchase of an apartment in Hainan Island, China, the developer will not be able to submit an application for registration by the Housing Authority, since the house is pledged. Some unscrupulous developers hide the real situation of selling a house, consider apartments for sale as unsold property for a mortgage loan and then find various excuses.


Before buying an apartment, buyers should have a complete understanding of the history of the developer, before signing a contract for the purchase, and understand the relevant laws and regulations in the field of real estate.


In accordance with the requirements of the Hainan Provincial Government, the Hainan Province Department of Housing and Construction combined all commercial housing projects and housing information in 18 provincial cities and districts that received prior sale permits or existing housing records and developed a license to sell commercial housing in Hainan Province.


Information reference system is published in the relevant headings of the province's housing and construction management management portal. The buyer can check for reliable, safe and reliable information through the function “Request information about the license for the sale of commercial housing in Hainan Province” on the above website. For more information contact the site administration