The first Chinese-English bilingual online program "Foreigners in Hainan" launched on Hainan Island

In order to effectively disseminate important news about the Pilot Free Trade Zone of Hainan and the Free Trade Port, bring the voice of Hainan to the world, tell the story of Hainan and expand international communication and the influence of the main media of Hainan, the first Chinese-English bilingual was launched on Hainan Island online program "Foreigners in Hainan."


The program uses the Internet as a means of communication in the form of video programs, telling the story of foreigners in Hainan, reflecting the creation of the Hainan Free Trade Zone and the Free Trade Port, Hainan is gradually becoming a popular destination for foreign talents.


“Foreigners in Hainan” will focus on stories about entrepreneurship, travel and study, conducting interviews with foreign experts, foreign entrepreneurial youth and foreign students.


The first program was dedicated to Matt Waters, a musician from Southern California, who graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a bachelor's and master's degree in music, and now lives in Hainan.


During his time at the University of California, Matt Waters joined the instrumental group, often attending some musical events held in university, such as the opening of the rolling stones, which gave him a rich musical experience. After ten years of free musicians and teachers in the United States after graduating, Matt Waters got a job as a teacher at Hainan University, so he came to Hainan with his musical dreams. After two years of college, Matt and his partner Matthew Bush founded the music company Hainan Music Productions.


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