Obtaining a work visa and changing a business license after changing the company's address

Periodically, foreign founders of Chinese companies face issues when renewing their work visas due to the fact that they changed the address of their Chinese company, but did not change their company's business license.


But after the change of address, the business license also changes, and it is necessary to apply to the registration authority for a change within 30 days.


It usually takes 10 working days to complete the transaction, in special cases you can apply for 3 working days


1. Do I need to change my business license after changing my address? After the change of address, a change of business license is also required, otherwise the company may be subject to appropriate penalties from the industrial and commercial management department. With regard to changes in market entities, the internal registering body accepts an application for registration of the change.


2. How long does it take to apply for a business license Applying for a business license takes 10 days. The registration authority confirms and registers on the spot the completeness and legal form of the application materials.


The specific collection time will be indicated in the notice issued by the registration office. If this is a special case, it may be extended with the consent of the responsible person of the public authority.


If the registration conditions are not met, the registration authority does not register and notifies the applicant in writing, explaining the reasons and informing the applicant that he has the right to apply for administration and submit a new application in accordance with the law.