On the island of Hainan, China, construction of a circular tourist road continues around the entire island

On December 31, 2020, the construction of a tourist road around the island of Hainan was officially started, with a length of 999 kilometers and a connecting road - 443 kilometers. Once completed, this "Shiny Tourist Pearl Necklace" will connect 12 cities and counties along the line and Yangpu Economic Development Zone into a coherent whole in Hainan's global tourism system. It will help promote Hainan tourism in resource integration, element concentration, investment construction and business formats. It is very important to achieve leaps and bounds in the field of innovation and production management.


Tourism is one of the three industries focused on the development of the General Plan for the Construction of the Free Trade Port of Hainan, in 2021 Hainan will carefully implement the important speech of Secretary General Xi Jinping of April 13, 2020 and the spirit of the Central Committee Document 12, based on special policy port of Hainan Free Trade, in-depth study of the travel needs of Chinese and foreign consumers in domestic and international double-cycle travel, and study of links and services, to promote the New Route for Tourist Consumption, accelerate the construction of the International Tourist Consumption Center, and further advance towards the goal of 'make Hainan a world renowned shopping paradise, health paradise and relaxation paradise ”.


The Hainan Island Tourist Road will connect 9 types of 84 landscape zones, 22 coastal headlands, 25 lighthouses, 68 characteristic bays, 26 coastal lagoons, 16 mangroves, 31 A-level scenic spots, 21 tourist resorts, 261 coastal scenic spots and historic sites. ... This will be the “road” landscape specified in the September 2020 approval of the “Hainan Island Tourism Route Feasibility Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”).


From the northernmost point of Hainan Island, the second “fast water gate” of Mulantou, second only to the English Channel, to the southernmost corner of the continental shelf in China; From the easternmost peak of Qiundong Tongulin to the westernmost, the coastal area surrounding Hainan is the most charming and tropical island on the coast of China. It has a high quality ecological environment, rich biological resources, unique landscape resources, varied types of coastlines, varied history and culture, and its exquisite tropical style continues to attract tourists.


Back in March 2018, provincial party committee secretary and later governor Shen Xiaoming proposed during the national "two sessions" that in the future, Hainan would divert a third of tourists to the tourist road around the island to form a tourist "pearl necklace." The tourist road around the island has become a landmark project, bequeathed to the entire region of Hainan province.


In recent years, the province has continued to promote global tourism, seeking to transform rich natural resources into unique tourism development advantages, while at the same time accelerating the pace to effectively pool tourism resources scattered across the island. From early planning to the official start of construction now, the construction of the tourist road around Hainan Island is an important step in this.


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