150 Israeli companies will develop medical tourism in the Lecheng, Boao area of Hainan Island, China

Boao Lecheng signed a cooperation project in the field of medical technology with the Israeli Ministry of Health, the signing ceremony allowed to achieve cooperation in the field of rehabilitation and transformation, high technology, innovative medical equipment and industrial funds, attracting more than 150 Israeli companies


"The contract project will cover thousands of Israel's leading biomedical companies, as well as some investment and financial institutions. They are very impressed with Lecheng. Interested and ready to invest their funds, finance, technology, drugs and equipment in Lecheng," Liu introduced at the signing ceremony Zhefeng, deputy director of the administrative bureau Boao Lecheng.


On July 22, 2020, Boao Lecheng Zone hosted the first large-scale international online promotion conference in 2020 - "Fast Access to the Chinese Medical System - Opportunities in Hainan: Israeli Online Workshops", which was attended by over 150 Israeli life sciences companies.


Under the influence of the epidemic, the pace of foreign investment temporarily slowed down, but this did not stop foreign companies from paying attention to China. Boao Lecheng has undoubtedly become the focus of national and even global healthcare companies through the backing of policies such as Free Trade Port, Real World Apps, Chartered Medical Services, Franchise Approval and other policies.


As a global center for life sciences innovation, Israel has over 1,500 life science companies (over 600 of which are CE or FDA certified) with annual export value of US $ 8.5 billion. IEI-Israel Export Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 by the Israeli and local governments. Its role is to promote the export of Israeli goods and services, as well as trade relations and cooperation with foreign companies. Shirley Koifman, South China Economic and Trade Consul at the Israeli Consulate General in Guangzhou, said she is very optimistic about Hainan's medical capabilities under the Hainan Free Trade Port policy.


Gu Gang, Party Committee Secretary and Administrative Bureau Director, Boao Lecheng, said Israel is the most innovative region in the world, especially in the research and development of biopharmaceuticals and related technologies. In the past, Israeli pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers had little understanding of the Chinese market, and the Lecheng administration hopes that, through various channels, this will not only provide everyone with an opportunity to showcase their products, but also provide a platform for cooperation and exchange. In the context of the epidemic situation, the comprehensive cooperation between the Israeli Ministry of Health and Boao in the field of health is not only a concrete demonstration of the opening of the Hainan Free Trade Port to the outside world, but also fully reflects the confidence of Israel and other foreign markets in the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and the opening of China that many countries, including Israel, are very optimistic about the Chinese market.


“The Chinese market is very large and the world's pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, including Israel, are very optimistic about the Chinese market. The Lecheng administration will create a public and open platform and create service organizations so that relevant technical products can be transformed and applied.


It is understood that it will take at least five years for foreign advanced innovative drugs and medical devices to enter the domestic market. Based on the Licensed Medical Policy of the Lecheng Zone and the document "On Supporting the Construction of International Medical Tourism in Boao Lecheng" issued on September 16, 2019, the implementation of the clinical reality data pilot project is one of the effective measures to promote the construction of the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Zone , the introduction of high quality medical resources and international pharmaceutical equipment companies, and the promotion of the new Nine National Measures policy.


Currently, Lecheng area hosts 10 international medical units, Lecheng area has created 117 new drugs, new equipment and new technologies, this first case in China has become a critical gateway for international advanced medical devices and innovative drugs to enter the Chinese market.


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