Leaders for the most reasonable energy consumption in China are the two companies on the island of Hainan, China in Dongfang City

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the State Administration for Market Surveillance recently released a list of 19 energy efficiency leaders in key energy consumption sectors in China and among them two companies that operate on the Hainan Island.

According to reports, the leaders for the most reasonable energy consumption in China are Zhonghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Zhonghai Petroleum Jianye Chemical Co., Ltd., which are located in the industrial park of Hainan Island in Dongfang City, these companies have an energy efficiency efficiency well below the industry average.

Leaders list China's Energy Efficiency includes nine key energy sectors, including steel, electrolytic aluminum, copper smelting, crude oil processing, ethylene, ammonia, methanol, cement and flat glass.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies and other three ministries and commissions comprehensively reviewed energy consumption indicators, energy efficiency indicators, energy consumption accounting equipment and incentive system construction, energy saving potential, etc., and selected 19 "leaders" of enterprises that reached the leading level of energy - efficiency in the industry, reaching the limit of energy consumption.

In accordance with the advanced standards of national standards, there are 21 enterprises with short listing. The goal is to create a long-term mechanism that contributes to a continuous increase in energy efficiency in sectors with high energy consumption, by setting benchmarks, economic stimuli and raising standards, and promoting industrial green development and energy efficiency.