Outbreak of dengue fever in Hainan Island, China, in September 2019 - 105 cases in Haikou, Sanya is not

The Hainan Provincial Health Commission reported that between September 5 and September 15, 2019, 105 cases of Dengue fever were found in Hainan, China, including 95 cases in Haikou, and in the suburbs of Haikou there were 10 cases of Dengue fever, no serious cases and deaths , at present 30 people were quarantined, and the remaining 75 people were isolated and treated, their condition is stable.


Currently, Dengue fever occurs in countries of South and Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Caribbean, the annual incidence is about 50 million people.


To reduce the risk of spreading Dengue fever in Hainan Province, a two-month campaign will be conducted in all cities and counties of Hainan Province to “protect homes from mosquitoes and mosquitoes”, spread knowledge about mosquitoes, and thoroughly remedy the environment.


Dengue fever is also known as bone marrow fever, articular fever, giraffe fever, five-day fever, seven-day fever and date illness, occurs with fever, intoxication, myalgia, arthralgia, rash and swollen lymph nodes, sometimes hemorrhagic syndrome develops.


Jin Yuming, the chief physician of the Hainan Provincial Disease Control Center, said there has been virtually no dengue fever in the past 30 years. spread to Hainan. In 2019, the first case of dengue fever in Hainan was discovered in Shicha Village, Haikou, on September 5, 2019.


The dengue epidemic in Haikou is currently caused by imported cases of dengue. Jin Yumin said that after the outbreak was discovered, Hainan conducted an investigation into the area affected by the epidemic, and on September 7, 2019, he launched an emergency response of level III to the Dengue epidemic and launched a campaign  throughout the province to reduce mosquito density. In accordance with the development of the epidemic, on September 9, 2019, the campaign moved to response level II and created a group of rescue experts to treat patients at three designated medical facilities in Haikou, and also created a joint prevention mechanism and control to strengthen the prevention and control of epidemics of dengue fever.


Depending on the nature of the epidemic, the degree of harm and the extent of coverage, the Dengue epidemic can be divided into the first (red), second (orange), third (yellow) and IV (blue) levels.  


 Patient recovery usually takes from two to seven days, but sometimes the fever develops into severe dengue fever, known as dengue hemorrhagic fever — Philippine hemorrhagic fever, Thai hemorrhagic fever and Singaporean hemorrhagic fever, it develops only in locals areas.


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