International Film Festival will take place on Hainan Island in Sanya from December 5 to 12, 2020

The 3rd Hainan Island International Film Festival will again be held in Sanya from December 5-12, 2020. Preparatory work is in full swing.


Applications for this year's International Film Festival began on June 1, and as of September 30, 4,376 films have been received from 114 countries and regions, more than 2,000 films more than the previous film festival.


The Golden Coconut Award of this International Film Festival is understood to be divided into three categories and ten awards, namely Best Film, Best Director, Jury Prize, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay, Best Technology, Best Children's film, best documentary, best short film.


This year's International Film Festival will feature a variety of exhibition channels, including the main Sanya Film Festival venue, beachside screenings, Carnival Carnival of 15 cinemas across the province, and online screenings. Currently, 125 films have been selected for selection, and 12 films will receive awards.


It is expected that this year at the International Film Festival will be held "High Level Forum on the Promotion of Films and Television at the Free Trade Port to open up new opportunities for the development of the film and television industry."


With the current internal epidemic under effective control, the Third Hainan International Film Festival will also strictly and rigorously ensure the health and safety of participants through autonomous and online integration, while meeting the needs of the public for movie watching and entertainment.


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